I finished Ph.D. at The University of Edinburgh under Dr. Hakan Bilen (Associate Professor), and M.Eng. at Peking University under Prof. Yizhou Wang. I had research internship in Snap Inc. and SenseTime. My research interests include Machine Learning and Computer Vision, especially, Data-efficient Learning and Meta-learning. I was invited to give talks at Peking University, UBC, RIKEN, Fudan University, Renmin University, et al. I received ICML 2022 Outstanding Paper Award. 

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Dataset Condensation with Distribution Matching
Bo Zhao; Hakan Bilen. WACV 2023. PDFCode.
Privacy for Free: How does Dataset Condensation Help Privacy?
Tian Dong; Bo Zhao; Lingjuan Lyu. ICML 2022 Outstanding Paper Award (Ratio: 1.7‰). PDF.
CAFE: Learning to Condense Dataset by Aligning Features
Kai Wang*, Bo Zhao*, Xiangyu Peng, Zheng Zhu, Shuo Yang, Shuo Wang, Guan Huang, Hakan Bilen, Xinchao Wang, and Yang You. CVPR 2022. PDF.
Dataset Condensation with Differentiable Siamese Augmentation
Bo Zhao; Hakan Bilen. ICML 2021. PDFCode.
Dataset Condensation with Gradient Matching
Bo Zhao; Konda Reddy Mopuri; Hakan Bilen. ICLR 2021 Oral (Ratio: 1.8%). PDF. Code.
The second-highest rated paper in ICLR 2021. Ranking.
Continual Representation Learning for Biometric Identification
Bo Zhao*; Shixiang Tang*; Dapeng Chen; Hakan Bilen; Rui Zhao. WACV 2021. PDF. Code
iDLG: Improved Deep Leakage from Gradients.
Bo Zhao; Konda Reddy Mopuri; Hakan Bilen. 2020. arXivCode
Zero-shot Learning via Recurrent Knowledge Transfer.
Bo Zhao; Xinwei Sun; Xiaopeng Hong; Yuan Yao; Yizhou Wang. WACV 2019. PDF, Code
MSplit LBI: Realizing Feature Selection and Dense Estimation Simultaneously in Few-shot and Zero-shot Learning.
Bo Zhao*; Xinwei Sun*; Yanwei Fu; Yuan Yao; Yizhou Wang. ICML 2018. PDF, Code
EasyFont: A Style Learning based System to Easily Build Your Large-scale Handwriting Fonts.
Zhouhui Lian; Bo Zhao; Xudong Chen; Jianguo Xiao. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2018, (presented at SIGGRAPH 2019) PDF
Automatic Generation of Large-scale Handwriting Fonts via Style Learning.
Zhouhui Lian; Bo Zhao; Jianguo Xiao. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016. PDF



School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh,

10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB, UK


bo.zhao [at] ed.ac.uk